Aura Suites Paros

Embrace the Cycladic Philosophy of Pleasure

Experience the fullness of Cycladic pleasures in a collection of luxury suites on the beautiful Aegean island of Paros. Exquisite design, top-tier facilities, private pools and sun decks, as well as terraces with sweeping sea views, promise a playground of the senses, on the edge of Naoussa.

Aura Suites Paros
Unique Design
Aura Suites Paros
Supreme Views
Aura Suites Paros
Elegant Luxury

Elegant sanctuaries embraced by the generous beauty of the Cycladic landscape. Sophistication in its most contemporary form. Design that bows to comfort. All here.


Aura Suites Paros invites you to slip softly into your escape's most splendid moments.

Aura Suites Paros

Delicious Life

Taste alluring bites and sips at the Bar-Restaurant. Elevate your escape to a celebration of local gastronomy and food philosophy. Dishes and drinks the most epicurean of the epicureans will love.


Bespoke Emotions

A desire to feel, immerse, discover - layer after layer - the glow of the Aegean lifestyle. Introducing you to our signature emotions and adventures.


Naoussa Unveiled

A village entirely dedicated to the sun and sea. The serene waters of the harbour, the fiery glow of Cycladic whiteness and the most sensational gastronomy, parties and lifestyle await...

Concierge Services
Aura Suites Paros
Aura Suites Paros

Experience the best of Paros with highly-curated luxury services designed with in-depth knowledge by a team of hospitality experts and local insiders.

Discover Paros
Aura Suites Paros
The Hushed Haven of the Cyclades

Heavenly charming, impossibly tranquil. The Aegean Sea wrapping itself around its pristine shores, old-world beauty at fingertips. An Eden found, worries lost. “Forever” is a word getting an entirely new meaning in this world of ethereal whiteness…