Food & Wine

Food & Wine

Palatable Thrills at Fingertips

Every desire, entirely satisfied. Imagination and genuine revelry of flavour will pamper your taste buds at the Bar Resto of Aura Suites Paros or in the privacy of your suite.


Every morning becomes a celebration of tasty living. A freshly-squeezed juice or smoothie, the taste of local thyme honey, the scent of coffee conspiring with the fragrant aromas of the gardens.

Here, premium Greek ingredients set the tone and breakfast is prepared with the most vibrant and feel-good nutrients that will fuel your body for that perfect day under the glorious sun… A delicious feast to wake up to every day.

Bar Resto

An ode to the Mediterranean composed by a creative culinary team. Captivated by the irresistible appeal of Greek cuisine and the local terroir, we are inviting you to an exquisite all-day dining corner.

The Bar Resto of Aura Suites Paros is as sophisticated as it gets, without losing sight of simplicity in its most mouthwatering expression. The all-day menu showcases the highlights of Mediterranean cuisine, introducing the palates to a wealth of flavours, special sips and strong emotions. Join us for a tipple and a bite, stay for more. Something exquisite around the clock.

In-Room Dining

Sink into the bed, lounge on your private sun deck, hide a little or a while. All hours of the day deserve to be lazed away with delicious sips and bites enjoyed in the privacy of your room.

Ask for a cocktail, order snacks, or a satisfying meal. Our 16-hour room service is a guarantee of indulgent moments, whenever you find it too hard to tear yourself away from your luxury cocoon. Highly-personalised and attentive, our in-room dining offerings are all you need for a day of pleasure and luxurious seclusion.


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