Paros Activities


Something Rare Every Day

Day Cruises to Nearby Islands

A big wide sea of wonder. Explorers invited to set out on a day trip to discover the amazing blue lagoon of Paros or visit the nearby Koufonisia islands. Fall in love with their pristine beauty and postcard-worthy shores. More magic hides in the picturesque Antiparos and the deserted island of Despotiko just next to it. Can you hear the sea calling?

Hike Paros’ Paths

Fall in love with the beauty of the hills and valleys. Set out on foot to find your way through age-old paths, like the famous marble-paved Byzantine trail that leads to the old capital of Paros, the picturesque Lefkes. Inhale the aromas of thyme, oregano and sage. Become a wanderer, a pilgrim, a part of nature!

Days on the Saddle

Take in the beautiful landscapes of Paros on horseback. Experience nature’s vivid gallery with all your senses. Weave through local vineyards and farms to reach charming beaches during a sunrise or sunset ride. A horse rider’s dream. Have us arrange for you something special.