Dreamy Waters, a Coast of Wonders


The Beaches of Paros

Tranquil bays for swims under the radar, or elevated cosmopolitan beach life?
From soft, golden sands to shores rugged with stunning rock sculptures chiselled by nature, Paros offers a dreamy escape into the blue.

The Stunning Kolympithres

Kolympithres beach sits beautifully in the gulf οf Nаousa, only steps from Aura Suites Paros. The peculiar rock formations and the calm, protected waters create an impossibly beautiful scenery that has to be seen to be believed. Paradise found, worries lost. A bather’s dream comes to life.

Toes-in-Sand Sensations

Your next destination should be Monastiri beach, nestled in a bay next to the monastery of Agios Ioannis. A dream made of silky sea. Seeking for more coastal bliss, more sensations? Santa Maria, also located within easy reach from Naoussa, feels like a sandy piece of heaven found on earth. And for a quiet dive? Head to Laggeri and keep it a secret…

Following the Wind

The southeastern coast is an exhilarating territory for windsurfers. Thrill-seekers are invited to tame the winds on Golden Beach, New Golden Beach or Parasporos, all boasting famous windsurfing centres, offering courses and the proper equipment to surf the sea on your own. Sails up. Adventure is calling.