The Best of Paros


Immersion into Island Beauty

A desire to explore, wander and immerse into an unspoilt destination. Legends, history and folk culture conspire. Let them seduce you. Paros unravels its highlights.

The Port of Naoussa

The fishing boats rest tranquil in the waters of the tiny port, where the spirits rise during the night. Dotted with a wealth of gourmet restaurants and traditional tavernas, cute artisan shops and high-end boutiques, this is a favoured destination to dine, party and shop. One of the highlight events of Naoussa takes place every year on August 23rd; the Barbarossa Pirate Festival, a most-anticipated night full of fireworks and emotion…

The Many Gems of Paroikia

The modern capital of Paros is home to the famous Panagia Ekatontapyliani, the legendary Byzantine church with 100 doors. Unlock its secrets one by one, and then head to the nearby archaeological museum of Paros for more insights into ancient history and art. At sunset, all roads lead to the ruins of the old Frankish castle, dressed in the most beautiful colours during the golden hour.

Lefkes. Beauty on the Hills.

Authentic and nostalgic; discover the charm of Lefkes, the old capital of Paros. Perched on the hills, where locals used to hide from the pirates in the past, it is a dreamy maze of labyrinthine alleys. A kingdom of old-world beauty, reigned by slow rhythms and sleepy cats…